Sunday, 6 March 2011

HairStyle - Oscar 2011

hairstyles from 2011 oscars

2011 oscars hairstyles

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Hostess of Oscar 2011 Anne Hathaway was in pride of a burgundy silk chiffon gown.

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Shinning stripes in red dress backing up Oscar-winning bosom title belongs to Penelope Cruz.

It is said that the red Calvin Klein dress Jennifer Lawrence put on is similar to the Pamela Anderson’s outfit at Baywatch. The dress was confirmed to have raised the beauty of her perfectly portioned bosom.

In a low-necked figure-hugging gown, Camilla Alves was confident in the Red Carpet. Celine Dion was glowing in Oscar 2011.

Celine Dion was glowing in Oscar 2011.

Givenchy dress of Cate Blanchett made fans surprise. It lowered her attractiveness.

The dress was a bit too loose on Marisa Tomei.

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